What is the OX-FSP process?

Unlike the conventional shot peening which was often used to improve the fatigue strength of gears, the OX-FSP process provides the precise selections of shot condition to fit to material quality, heat treatment background, hardness of an object, and environment in use, that allows the process under an optimal condition, and as the result, the fatigue strength and sliding performance are considerably improved.
The shot peening is the technology to jet particles as small as several 10 micron meters with compressed air and let them hit on an object at a high speed.
The original shot peening flow speed was about less than 100m/sec or more in OX-FSP.
Consequently, a better heat treatment on surface, higher residual compressive stress, and excellent sliding performance are realized.

What is OX-Polish?

"OX-Polish" is an abbreviated expression of Oxiso special polishing process, that is developed by surface treatment technologies and processes long fostered by Oxio fine particle precision shot peening (OX-FSP).
It is the special polishing technology to form our unique metal surface grain structure by utilizing the technologies of surface quality improvement which Oxiso has been researching on and accumulating know-how of.


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